RescueMe Romania

Non-profit charity organization

We are a small group of volunteers in Tg. Mures, Romania and sick, injured and homeless dogs have been relying on us since July 2010, when RescueMe Romania was founded.

There are thousands of dogs living alone on the streets of Romania. These pour souls are abandoned or unwanted, ill or injured and they spend their lives looking for food and shelter. Many are ignored, beaten, poisoned or hit by cars. Our doors are always open to them, and with your support, they always will be.

Our mission is to rescue as many strays we can and help them find an adopting family. Our vision is that the dogs we rescue enjoy a healthy life in a happy forever home and they find a loving family to take care of them.

Since 2010 we rescued more than 250 dogs, almost 200 of them being adopted abroad. Some of our dogs were adopted in Romania and some of them are still living in Tg. Mures and we provide all the necessary food, treatments and care for them.

At this time we take care of more than 40 dogs, 20 of them live in the pens of two dog pensions and we are paying a monthly rent and salary for their accommodation and care. The rest of our dogs live in several safe locations in our city and in foster homes.We also feed strays we find on the streets and whom we cannot take to our pens until our dogs are adopted.

For all of them we provide food, treats, toys, blankets, straw bedding during the cold winters, disposable sheets for puppies and recovering dogs, deworming treatments, vaccines, periodical medical checks and tests, neutering and all emergency medical procedures and treatments.

Since many of our rescued dogs are injured or sick, our medical history includes only in the last two years treatments and surgery for hip dysplasia (Riley, Budapest 2014), front leg amputation for open infected fracture (Duke 2016), Sticker sarcoma, surgery and chemotherapy sessions (Luna 2016), eosinophilic myositis (Marley 2014), dystrophy (Charlie 2015) and many more. We also coordinated a neutering campaign in our area.

How can YOU help us?

DONATE! You can donate either a general donation for our activity or you can choose a dog and become her/his monthly sponsor. For as little as 10 GBP or Euro per month you can transform the lives of our dogs by helping to provide life-saving medical procedures, food or a warm shelter.

Our PayPal account is:

You can also donate various objects for our on-line auctions or raffles at the time they are active, deworming pills or flea and tick medications, blankets, toys or treats. All of these are more than welcome!

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